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GS1 HK and Zenecom join hands to help local merchants seize trillions O2

Morningstar Hong Kong

HONG KONG, Jan. 20, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- GS1 Hong Kong (GS1 HK) and Zenecom International Group Co. Ltd (Zenecom) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement to launch "HK Trusted Market + WJH" initiative. Capitalising on the cross-border "Big Health" e-commerce platform WJH, the programme aims to bring premium Hong Kong's over-the-counter medicines, health supplement, beauty and skincare products (Coin as "Big Health" below) to Mainland China O2O (online-to-offline) platforms.

The pandemic-driven "Big Health" industry stands out in the sluggish global economy. According to "Healthy China 2030" blueprint issued by The State Council, the scale of China'shealth service industry is expected to reach 16 trillion RMB in 2030. The national policy, coupled with an aging population and the lasting epidemic, has resulted in the soaring growth for medical, healthcare products and online shopping. Meanwhile, thanks to the pilot project of importing pharmaceutical products for cross-border e-commerce by the Chinese government, Zenecom, a cross-border e-commerce pilot enterprise approved by the government, is going to bring tremendous opportunities for the "Big Health" industry in Hong Kong.

Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 HK stated, "Our members revealed numerous obstacles to develop in the Mainland China. To help resolve their issues, GS1 HK decides to join hands with Zenecom to launch this programme that pledges authentic products, paving the way for Hong Kong & overseas companies to flourish under the O2O new retail model in the mainland."

The cross-border e-marketplace "HK Trusted Market+WJH" by GS1 HK and Zenecom is designed to enable Hong Kong & overseas business to bank on the growing "Big Health" opportunities in Mainland China. Zenecom will provide one-stop services covering online and offline product listing, marketing, and sales operations. Products listed onto the platform via the programme will be given an exclusive anti-counterfeiting QR code, "REAL Barcode" provided by GS1 HK to ensure the authenticity of its source, enhancing confidence of consumers in Mainland China. By scanning the REAL label with electronic device, GS1 HK's REAL Barcode app (or its webpage) will be activated to allow consumers scan and authenticate the products.

Mr. Roy Lei, Chief Executive of Zenecom stated, "WJH aims to provide mainland consumers with genuine and authentic "Big Health" products. As a cross-border e-commerce platform with integrated marketing strategy, we look forward to developing the "Big Health" market in Mainland China with overseas brands."

The "HK Trusted Market + WJH" programme provides comprehensive one-stop omni-channel marketing services, ranging from customs declaration, products listing, cross-border and Mainland China's logistics and storage, diversified online promotion to offline product display, etc. The process of customs declaration for cross-border products can be completed within 15 days, then the merchants can ship large quantities of goods to Zenecom's well-equipped bonded warehouse in Huangpu District, Guangzhou. The products will be delivered directly from the bonded warehouse in Mainland China to the customers after their online purchase, which is time-saving.


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